Gameday Twelve.4: Ducks vs. Militia

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball, who names their team the Rebels?

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (6-5, 1-1)


Michigan Militia (6-2, 1-0)


Spring View Field.

Lost in the buzzzzz surrounding the Ducks absorbing players fromthe team that lost to the Black Sox in the Whales Conference Final last season, the cheating machine known as Big Oil, the Bulldogs and HURRICANES!!! battling for the top spot in the Campbell Conference, the Michigan Militia has quietly pipe-bombed  its way to a 6-2 start, and, after a dramatic win over Kenny Powers, they are atop the Whales Conference as the Pgh NABA dives into Divisional play.

Two of the Ducks Blog’s all timem favorite teams, the Gray Bats and the Confederacy, have combined their resources, stockpiled weapons and canned goods and, after spending the off-season literally underground contriving ways to undermine the government and the bleeding heart homos in Washington and their big government welfare machine, they are back with a vengeance, invoking their 2nd amendment rights while assembling a solid roster for their “Patrioticly”-themed baseball squad which has been funded by by an unnamed group of jingoist, hyper-nationalist fundamentalists who will shoot first and ask questions later, the shadowy organization is using the team as a front for money laundering the profits from gun running, heroin distribution, and the show Jersey Shore.

This is a battle for first place in the division.

Rumor has it the Militia  wear star-spangled uni’s.

Jeremy Barchie, seen here after a night of blackout drinking, high stakes black jack and horseback riding, models the new Militia uniforms.

We’ll need the White Stripes.

Bad News for the Militia.

3 thoughts on “Gameday Twelve.4: Ducks vs. Militia

  1. Good writeup. I like to refer to the Militia rather as “The Elites”, in honor of their notation to that effect on their web page.

    Webster’s defines “elite” as follows: The best or most skilled members of a group.

    Henceforth, I guess the Elites team had no need for Gray Bats that were sub-elite, so there was no surprise when and invitation was not proffered to my sorry ass to join the Elites. But many other fine upstanding Gray Bats were given the cold shoulder, I hear. Oh well, such is the soap opera that is NABA.

    I’m pulling for the the Dowlz (Ducks + Owlz).

    p.s. I think the old Ducks blog had a better format…


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