Ducks Titans, Sunday 5:30, Bellevue Park

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I know nothing about this team  except they are in the A division and were recently swept by the Maulers.

We’re catching them on the second half of a double header. They play the Maulers in game 1.

The Militia are facing federal prosecution for importing illegal Canadian immigrants and have lost two of three to the Sox and three straight division games.

The Black Sox are now in first place in the Wales Conference. If things play out as the rankings dictate, Brookline and South Oakland will play next Monday for first place and both teams will have won several games in a row.

Big Oil beat the Bulldogs 2-1 and squeaked out two, one-run victories over the Knights. I don’t even know what to deduce from that except what is already common knowledge league-wide.

They’ve got nothing without that lefty and they cheat.

THE HURRICANES! haven’t played the Bulldogs yet, but they lost by more than one to the Oilers, so it’s fair to say the Bulldogs will beat them, although, the HURRICANES!!!! Beat the Ducks by 7 and 10 runs respectively, and the Bulldogs only beat us by 4 so maybe they will play to a scoreless tie?

Either way, the Oilers should just be in the Campbell Conference and the Militia are basically fucked in the division race unless they sweep the Eagles, take the last two from the Ducks, and get help.

They will be officially eliminated if we beat them once more. They’d be able to finish no better than 5-4 in the division, and will lose tie-breakers to both the ducks and sox.

It’s shaping up to be a two-horse race for the division.

We will need the Eagles to beat the Black Sox if we don’t take the last two games from them.

Bring on Kenny Powers.

That’s gonna be some intense ball.

Not that we’re overlooking any opponents; that’s how losses happen.


9 thoughts on “Ducks Titans, Sunday 5:30, Bellevue Park

  1. They look alot better then they are. We even beat them and as you can see from the score of our last game, that’s saying something. They have a couple guys who can drive the ball but their pitching is pretty weak.


  2. I can’t make heads or tails of these teams. Oilers can beat the Hurricanes then almost lose to what appears to be a dismal Single A Knights squad. And the game recaps have stopped on the Militia’s site for some reason.


  3. the oilers didnt beat the hurricanes, they beat me. i tried to do something that i physically can no longer do. now i have to live with recording our teams only loss.
    on the bright side though… we play the oilers this sunday, and trust me this will be the greatest ass kicking festival in the history of baseball!

    OILER POET- ” the so called naba champs ” – ” the hurricanes are classless ”

    HURRICANE POET- ” its about to get ugly……… “


    1. It’s tough going into a game against an A team for the first time, when they have one nasty pitcher you don’t know about. In your defense, you guys only scored one run, which is a testament to their lefty, he’s been shutting teams down. Big Oil is nowhere near as good as the Canes, though clearly, but that lefty is legit.


      1. Three people were thrown out at three different times for questioning calls… The umpire has not been involved in any more games after that… The head of the umpire association has said he won’t use him anymore for any NABA games… Sounds to me like something fishy was going on at the game.

        I’ve faced some good pitchers, but he’s not in my top 10. Skyblast Night courtesy of the Hurricanes and Burkett field Sunday afternoon.


      2. right down broadway? that guy? good luck both teams. Bulldogs Hurricanes will be exciting. The biggest downfall of the divisions and the A adn AA is that it takes away from some games and places such a heavy weight on divisional games that if like the Militia, who are solid, a team loses divisional games early they can be out of the running, where as it is designed to keep more teams in it longer. There’s still seeding in the end of season tourney on the line but being out of contention for the division and conference early is an unwanted side effect.


  4. I’d say he’s one of the top guys this season at least. I don’t even know how to rank all the pitchers I’ve faced back to like the mid 90’s that would be tough.


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