Ducks Win.

Ducks win, pittsburgh NABA

Ducks 2, Black Sox 0

South Oakland (11-5, 4-1) sits in first place in the Wales Conference.

The Ducks seventh straight win prevented Brookline (9-5, 4-2) from effectively clinching the division, setting up a show down for the division for the division title with the Black Sox: time and place tbd.

James Tessyier (4-0) pitched a complete game shutout.

Tim Lipp and Jesse Smith had rbi for South Oakland.

Ken Cool, once again, dominated.

Recap forthcoming.


Game three between the Ducks and Black Sox remains unscheduled.


2 thoughts on “Ducks Win.

  1. Nice win last night Ducks.

    However Gwin, say the Ducks beat the Blacksox in their series finale and say the Militia sweep the Ducks on the Saturday morning DH which was moved to 8 AM because Barchie, Tremel, Sorosky, and Banner have a court date for bombing the post office, wouldnt their be a 3 way tie for first place in the division with the Ducks, Blacksox, and Militia all being 6-3? What would happen then for determining the Wales Champ? Thats all sayin that none of us lose to the Eagles…


  2. We take nothing for granted. but, if we had lost to the Black Sox we’d be dependand on the Eagles beating the Black Sox, and actually, you needed us to win that one too to keep the 3-way tie possibility open. 8am games are always tricky.



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