gameday nineteen: ducks vs. bulldogs

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Game 19:

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side(13-5)


Pittsburgh Bulldogs (14-3)


Spring View Field

Aside from RBI (9 for 28+ Dogs, to 4 for Ducks) I have better numbers for the Ducks than the over 28 Bulldogs in six more plate appearances. I don’t know what that means, you’d think with the tougher pitching, etc..So it goes.

Don’t forget to change your signs for the game tonight, BJ.

…and bring me my duck, you sons of bitches.

The Bulldogs lost to the Militia Saturday, I can’t imagine they put out the same lineup that beat the HURRICANES! the week before.

I’ve got inside info on the Bulldogs new fight song.

kind of depressing, but you can’t argue with a winner.

A South Oakland victory will put our franchise at 80-80-2 all time.

It would also be our ninth straight on-field W, as the Titans win was a forfeit.

the Ducks’ #9 is retired worn by Rob Swanger who, in three seasons, never played on a winning Ducks team.

Let’s get back to .500, and keep rolling into the battle of Monroeville this weekend.

A win also gets us recap rights on the Bulldogs site. Their blog actually gets read, so that’s huge.

Bad News for the Bulldogs


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