Ducks Notch Fourth Straight Victory

2011 Ducks Baseball

South Oakland of the North Side (4-2, 1,1) beat Cranberry 13-6 in Springview last night in front of an offended crowd of 3.

The hilights of the game were Rick Whalen’s sweet double off the wall in left, and Duffy’s blistering single down the 3rd baseline.

Mike Fletcher recorded the win, allowing 1ER over 3 innings.

Fago was a double and a homerun short of the cycle.

Cinefra hit a triple, I don’t think I’ve seen 2 legit triples in the same game at Spring Hill ever.

DeFilippo had infinity RBI

More doubles were hit by Ken Cool, DeFilippo,  Cinefra, and Gwin, marking the first time Whalen and Gwin recorded extra base hits in the same game for the Ducks since Ken Cool was in elementary school.

Rob Cool reached base four times.

The game ended on a fantastic catch by 1b Nick Berdine

Big double header against the Militiaon Sunday.

We can almost knock them out of the division race if we sweep, thanks to Monroeville losing twice to Elliot last week.

I don’t think Elliot has lost yet.


The blog has been garbage lately and we don’t even have our stats up, the latter is certainly uncharacteristic for us and management is on it.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step.



2 thoughts on “Ducks Notch Fourth Straight Victory

  1. I haven’t had a chance to fully look over everything but I know that the militia is 3-1-1 in the conference.
    1-0 vs ducks
    1-0 vs express
    1-0-1 vs blacksox
    0-1 vs Elliot

    This weekends DH will have a huge impact on the division standings. Will be a good one.


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