StatDepot Registration


Ok, I understand that it is a process and requires mastering the skill of 6 different computer languages, but everyone NEEDS to sign up on StatDepot for me to add stats. I have to go game-by-game so if all of you aren’t in there, I will not be putting up your stats thus far this season. If you have registered and your name is NOT on the roster on our NABA Team page, shoot either me or Ben a text so we know. Part of the process is on the other end with the Commish, so he may just be behind, but we will never know until you check it yourselves.

P.S. Batting practice before all home games at 7. Me included, we have not hit the ball well, especially at the top of our lineup. The bottom has carried us against some of the better pitchers in the league and most notably the last two games. If we can get enough people there then we can just field balls live off the bat and skip infield outfield and just focus on that.

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