The Roster

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball, who names their team the Rebels?

The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side will rol out a roster featuring the top players from the 2007 team, and members of the Fightin’ Ra 2009 League Champion Hurricanes.

Everyone is excited to get the season started. It will be the Ducks 10th.

Realignment was discussed last league meeting, no clue how that panned out.

Big time rivalry with the cherokee. Bring your smallpox-infested blankets to that one.

Godspeed flip, berdine and tish, etc.

I put the over/under on how long that team lasts at 1.5 seasons.

And there’s a new rebels team apparently, who we will not play as they are in the A division.


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