GAME DAY 2: Ducks at Bulldogs

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side



8:30 AM John Herb Field

Might as well just put this up a day early.

Looks like rain tomorrow, but be ready to play until we hear otherwise.

Vinny will be ready

I like the composition of the Ducks this year a lot. The nothing-to-lose attitude is refreshing. Everyone is just excited to be playing again, or at all. Everyone’s hustling, and no one’s bitching about anything.

That could change if we don’t start winning some games, but it’s early, and the wins will come—that will be the result of the aforementioned approach.

I know coaching the last two years, the immense pressure to please everyone is what ultimately led to a lot of unhappiness and stress that seemed ridiculous to have over adult league baseball. I think there’s a misunderstanding about playing hard and demanding a good effort from yourself and your teammates, that it has to come along with some sort of fucked up intensity and shit talking that makes it all not fun, that it’s only worth winning if you can take credit.

With this team, this season the more fun it is the more we will win, not the other way around as I feel it was at times during the last two seasons.

That said, I hate losing more than anyone. And our goal this year, with the talent we have, is to win a championship.

 Who the fuck knows, I’m just looking forward to walking into Moore Park in mid May, fearing for my life, questioning human kind while a fight in the stands breaks out, and hitting singles over the second baseman’s head. Stuff like that is why i love this league and being a Duck.


RIP Levon Helm.

TC Jones might have to come out of retirement to pitch Saturday.

Bad News for the bulldogs.


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