Ducks 4, Bulldogs 4 (8)

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

The Bulldogs scored three in the bottom of the seventh to tie SOuth Oakland 4-4.

The Ducks scored on a balk in the second and three other times by way of RBI from, I think, Ben Hartranft, James Fago, and Mark Guthrie.

It was early.

Brett Pusateri had a double, Ben Gwin had 2 hits, Garrett Moore reached base 3 times in 4 plate appearances. Guthrie went 4innings on the mound, and gave up 1 run.

The teams will play again wed in the Ducks home opener.


One thought on “Ducks 4, Bulldogs 4 (8)

  1. Wow, I find it hard to believe the league could actually hire an umpire who had the intelligence to identify a balk when it happens. But I guess for $200 a game, or whatever the ridiculous amount of cash these umps are getting nowadays, you may get a good one every now and then.


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