Ducks Lose.

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland fell to 1-3-2 on the season. Pitchers who had committed are defecting, there are rumors of ruptured achilles’ tendons amongst star infielders. Dark times right now.

On a better note, the way TJ Morgan offered to pitch in a lost cause, and 3B Jesse Ferko dove after ground balls on an infield that has gotten worse since last year now that the youth league doesn’t seem to be playing on it, was good to see. Brett Pusateri had a good game as well.

We’ve got to play better.

With the new roster spots opening up, we’ve added a few players, who will make us better.

All that said, we’ve not as far away as it seemed Monday night. I believe that. You can’t hide a guy who hasn’t played in a couple years on the mound. it’s just not possible.

We’ll bounce back.


The game vs the Express has been moved to Sunday at 8pm due to a high school playoff game.



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