Ducks Lose

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Cranberry 3, Ducks 2

No idea how we couldn’t get more than 2 runs across. This is getting ridiculous. Our batting average on balls in play has to be under .150. The trend can’t continue.

We’re in no danger of peaking too soon. So there’s a bright side.

The down side is we have scored 13 runs in 7 games and are 1-6.

I imagine it’s going to take ten wins to make the playoffs, that’s what it took to last year to be better than the 3 worst teams. We have 17 games left and have to start playing up to our ability.

Sunday’s 3-2 loss to Cranberry might be an all-time low. There’s nowhere to go but up.

South Oakland plays Elliot 9pm Wednesday night at Springview Field.



One thought on “Ducks Lose

  1. Worst year of mental baseball I’ve ever seen us play. Randy pitched a hell of a game and we win if we put a leash on our base runners. We’ve run into at least 10 outs this year resulting in at least 5 runs. Tryouts are over, it’s time to play to win.


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