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2014 South Oakland Ducks

In Double A news, there’s some disparity. The Bulldogs crushed the Rebels 21-3, Cranberry beat the Devils 12-3 and the Black Sox beat the Eagles 13-1. The Devils, Eagles and Rebels were the three best Single A teams last year.

The question in the off season was, essentially, whether to have that disparity come in the Single A division, or the Double A division. It sucks losing by 18 runs. However, without the better Single A teams from last year moving up, Carrick and Cranberry and West End would’ve had to play a ton of games against the Bulldogs, Cherokee, Day Toyota and a resurgent Black Sox team. So we voted to have the top teams in Single A move up.

I abstained from the vote.

Our move down was done to stabilize  the franchise, and to move the team’s emphasis from winning to playing time. We aren’t blowing teams out by 18. Once we play all the teams in our division, we’ll have an idea of where we stand.

Ideally, the league goes to three divisions next year. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out over the course of the season.




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