Ducks Lose. plus bonus coverage of near brawl in WOLFPACK vs. Oilers

2016 South Oakland Ducks, NABA, pittsburgh NABA

We’ve now lost 3 times to the 6-11 Devils. Our record is 10-8. We were flat after a big win over the Oilers on Tuesday and made a bunch of errors. We are probably the only reason the Devils haven’t folded, so I guess it’s good for the league that we’ve struggled against them.

We play the Express this Saturday, 6pm at Spring Hill.

ducks baseball

Despite the loss to the last place Devils last night, we are still 1.5 out of first thanks to BIG OIL drilling the WOLFPACK 4-0 last night in West View

Sources close to the Ducks report that the game got out of hand when a Wolfpack player tried to take out the Oilers’ three-hitter with an elbow to the face during a rundown. Not a hard slide, but an elbow to the face.

Oilers pitcher Dan Rueff shut down West View, throwing a one-hitter through 5 innings. When Rueff came to bad later in the game, the West View pitcher threw at his head.

There was a bizarre report of the WOLFPACK coach using stall tactics that don’t even make sense, regarding cars parked in center field. This shit is too weird to make up.

I’m not a gracious loser, but what an embarrassment.

For the five of you who still read the blog, You can now comment without creating an  account with a fake email address. So go ahead and comment like it’s blogspot 2009.





9 thoughts on “Ducks Lose. plus bonus coverage of near brawl in WOLFPACK vs. Oilers

  1. Drama like it’s 2009? Yeah that’s about right. I recall some wiseguy outfielder for the Oilers intentionally kicking a gap shot under the fence in North Park to keep our guy from scoring due to a ground rule double. Of course, the next better got out and inning over without run scoring. Cheap shit stuff like that.. Fun times. Grey Bats ruled. Especially with a 2-22 record. Ha!


  2. I’m pretty sure Oiler co-manager Bret Miller got thrown out of his first NABA game with the Oil by running over a middle infielder while trying to steal second (and was thrown out by 6 feet). Maybe the PACK are just awaiting a steady hand at the management helm, rather than an unstable lunatic.


  3. There is too much loud traffic at Mellon park. I am surprised that the Wolfpack didn’t ask for a noise delay.

    If it makes you feel any better, the last time we ten runned a team was July 2013 against the senators.


  4. A Mexican prostitute once gave me wise advice…… “Never trust a condom that is thinner than a dish glove and never take the advice of a Mexican prostitute”.


  5. I feel like for a team that needs to walk out of a playoff game commitment for a contemporary country concert, theres got at lease one dude that thinks he has some kind of belt in Muay Thai


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