Gameday 1 & 2: Ducks at Cranberry


South Oakland Ducks of the Northside


Cranberry Crusaders

Projected starters:

Game1: Patton vs. Germani

Game 2: Mullen vs Stumpf

The top two regular-season teams from last year both flamed out early in the playoffs. Cranberry was the league’s darling, turning in its first .500+ season, and finishing first overall. In 2019, South Oakland finished with a ten-game winning streak, to pull within a half-game of the Crusaders. Both teams lost two straight playoff games. I hope Cranberry continues their regular-season success after this weekend.

Cranberry took the season series 2-0 over the Ducks last year, winning both games on the final at-bat, by one run. Maybe there was a third game. I don’t know. They always give us a hard time.

I’m looking forward to the condensed schedule and playing regular-season series against teams. It should benefit teams with depth. We always have good depth, so hopefully, I’m right.

This season is going to be different, but everyone is excited to get going. After facing the real likelihood of cancellation, it’s like playing with house money. It might take a few games to get back in shape, but I like our team this year. We’re under new management and have made some key additions. We are still around for our eighteenth season. We will put up some runs this year. We should contend for a title.

With the “ban” on dipping, look for more cigarettes around the dugout this year.

Bad News for Cranberry

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