All-Decade Team


In honor of the Undertaker’s retirement, I’m writing a bonus post about the upcoming all-decade NABA team that Cranberry is working on. Every team is nominating five players and then there is supposedly going to be voting on the best player from each team.

I nominated five Ducks:

TJ Morgan, James Fago, Tony Casale, DJ Dover, and Mark Lombardi.

Tom Pulice missed the cut by one year of eligibility, which for these purposes is set at 4 years of non-consecutive service. Randy’s omission deserves discussion, too, as he’s won a lot of games for us in two different stints in South Oakland.

Lombardi, Fago, and Dover are all probably on multiple teams top 5 of the decade. Tony and DJ are the only two to play their whole careers as Ducks.

I guess I could figure out an all 2010s team for the Ducks at some point. Maybe I’ll create a Google sheet and people can vote. Who did I forget? Strom, Sorosky, Graff, Big Mike, Ciccone? We’ve had a lot of good position players over the years. This post would’ve gotten five pages of discussion in 2010. Leave some comments.


2 thoughts on “All-Decade Team

  1. I remember enjoying Culp’s at-bats. And you omitted Swetz who gets the nod purely based on protective eye-wear flair.


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