Ducks Avoid Loss


The lights went out in the bottom of the seventh last night at Springview Field. The Ducks trailed 7-4, with one one, two out, and their three hitter up. While the win percentage for South Oakland is not great, the suspended game keeps their record at a mediocre 2-4 for the time being.

The Ducks trailed 6-0 before scoring four in the bottom of the fifth. Earlier in the game a ball hit by Tom Pulice down the third baseline was ruled foul that would have gone for a three bases after the Eagles’ left fielder accidentally kicked it out of play. It was called foul. The Eagles (5-1) added an unearned run in the top of the seventh.

The next bounce that goes our way will be the first. I’m not sure if this is bargaining, denial, or just anxiously awaiting regression to the mean. I think last year’s Bandidos who scuffled through May before making a run to the finals are a good model. We can get hot if we have more than half our infield show up.

There are 17.1 games left, and we probably have to win twelve to get into fifth place. I think it is doable.

South Oaklands next game is Sunday, 2:30 pm against the undefeated Grizzlies.

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