Ducks Propaganda

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

TC Jones for Manager of the Year
This award doesn’t exist yet, but it should, and it ought to go to Jones. Last season under Ben Gwin’s Nixon-esque leadership, the Ducks were 8-16 with an abysmal .333 winning percentage, the war escalated. In Jones’ first season as manager the Ducks rebounded to make the playoffs for the first time in three years on the strength of an 11-9-2 record and a .545 wining percentage. The Ducks are once again a competitive, winning organization and a fun team to play for, encompassing all that is good about the Pittsburgh NABA.

Nick Homa for Pitcher of the Year
No single player was more responsible for the Ducks (11-9-2) turnaround than Homa; with a 4-3-1 record and 3 saves he factored into all but four of South Oakland’s eleven victories, two of the Ducks’ wins were awarded via forfeit, so Homa either won or saved 77% of his team’s victories which were settled on the field. He also set the single season Ducks strikeout record with 76, the second highest single season strikeout total in Pittsburgh NABA history.
The record is held by former Blue Jays farmhand, Matt Dalton (83) .

Quack line: 59 IP, 2.73 ERA, 76 K, 24 BB. 1 league dominated.

If not pitcher of the year than MVP.

Team of Destiny ’09

The Once and Future Duck has this to pass along…Former Raker, Jeremy Barchie is seeking the 2009 NABA Pitcher of the Year Award with his new team the Ducks. He will return to South Oakland, where he played six games his rookie season, when his contract with Cyrilla Landscaping expires in January.

Barchie holds the Ducks single game strikeout record (17), and Nick Homa holds the single season record(76).

Sign up for fall baseball here I’m coaching the Ghostbusters. We will dominate all supernatural beings and the three other teams.

Buy Ducks stuff all proceeds go to next season’s league dues
. So far we’ve made 21 dollars. Buy gifts for your friends and family, even if you don’t play for the Ducks, I think they’d appreciate the gesture.

Manager of the Year Jones will have to come up with team awards this season. He should email me his arbitrary, biased, decisions sometime this week, and I will create my own awards for the rest of the Ducks, whom Jones spitefully decides don’t deserve recognition.

Quack, quack.


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