pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Except it’d be “South” Oakland

The Owlz are up 1-0 in the Championship series. here’s the recap from the Warriors website. The Game

I’ll link the Owlz recap when it is posted. It should be interesting to contrast and compare.
I’m going to try to catch some of the game tomorrow night at John Herb Field, 9pm.

This is the type of stuff I think about
There has been talk of adding a second, yellow “South Oakland” Jersey. I think this would be sweet, especially for day games late in the season. I’m in favor of having home and away jerseys. We need to start fund raising early

I also think we should come up with special red white and blue Ducks T-shirts for when we play the Rebels, we might only use our hypothetical, patriotic 3rd jerseys three or four times a season, but it’d be worth it. They would be simple; “Ducks” on the front, number on the back. We could probably get them for ten bucks apiece. Just something to consider.

Party at Coby’s?


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