Game Thirteen Recap. Fletch Lives or "How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ducks": Ducks 4, Bombers o

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
On a Day when Kenny Chesney wreaked havok on the Pittsburgh NABA – leading to two forfeits, an 8-man start from the Bulldogs, Depo getting cut from the Ducks, and who knows how many unwanted pregnancies, the Ducks flew high; higher than you were that time in high school when you shared a joint with that weird kid from Bucks County, only to find out after the fact it was laced with PCP.

South Oakland of the North Side won their tenth game of the season playing fantasic defense behind another outstanding, starting pitching performance, shutting out the Bombers on D-Day.

Mike Fletcher scattered five hits over five innings and struck out five Bombers, without giving up a walk, and Rick Whalen drove in what proved to be the game winning run with a two out, 2-run double in the second to lead the South Oakland Ducks of the North side to a 4-0 victory over the Allegheny Bombers.
Adam Smith pitched two scoreless innings in relief, and the Ducks record improved to 10-3.

The game was delayed by fog for a half hour or so, then the Bombers were cleared for take off.

It was a pitcher’s duel early, the guy from the Bombers, who is probably their regular shortstop, pitched well limiting the Ducks to only a few base runners and limiting the number of hard hit balls as the game progressed through the early morning.

The biggest difference was the Ducks defense (error free on the day), and the ability of the bottom of the Ducks lineup to get on base and produce runs.
Captain America, Britton, Slick, and Dr. Jones batted in the 7-10 spots in the lineup and accounted for three runs.

In the second inning,
Captain walked and Britton singled, then Rick hit a double to left center, then it was Jones’ turn
A napalm blast down the first baseline to drive in the 3rd run.

It was 3-0 Ducks when this happened.

It was going to be a brawl the rest of the way.

The Bombers threw it around a bit.
Kirk Gibson would score on a passed ball.

4-0 Ducks.

The Bombers threatened, getting men on first and second a couple times, but they could not get the big hit they needed.
Mike “Tyler” Fletcher got big outs when he needed inducing many groundballs which were fielded and thrown accurately for outs.
Dickey made a great backhand play on what appeared to be a sure hit up the middle in the 5th, securing the shutout.
The Bobmers’ 7-9 hitters combined to get on base once all game ( I think), a single by their last hitter who acted like he had just won the Atlantic City Memorial Day Tournament when he blooped one in front of the Ducks’ left fielder who was playing with a pulled quad.

The Ducks 7-10 hitters got on base 6 of eleven times, including Coby’s sweet hbp and stolen base in a pinch hit appearance for Wojton.
Coby has more stolen bases than Wojton.

Nothing like a guy who has gone 1 for the season talking shit after a 4-0 loss to a team that is six games better in the standings.

Aside from him, the Bombers were solid human beings, and had to be missing some players.
Good luck to them the rest of the way.

bullet points & Mid-Season Notes

  • Defense and starting pitching have carried our team through the month long stretch of one game per week.
  • Remember when we used to play on Monday Nights?
  • The Dr. and I took in some of the double header between the Owlz and the Gray Batz – the Ducks have a better chance of beating the Owlz than we do of losing to the Gray Bats – take that however you want.
  • The Owlz seemed disinterested and still smoked the Gray Bats, albeit not by the 25 runz we may have assumed.
  • You could have been a Duck Sorosky, all those unearned runzzzz – wooooo.
  • The Gray Bats will come out with their guns blazing, ala the guy[s] who shot 50 cent, this saturday morning. If we lose I’m handing over admin of the blog to Larry for the rest of the year – no one wants that, not even Larry. All hands on deck.
  • Slick Rick and the Invisible Hand have been our most improved players this season, their contributions have been noticable, both have embraced and thrived in a reduced roles on a winner after struggling through the Red Scare years. – While Wojton is finding his stroke, and before Captain America got his command back, they have picked up the slack at the plate and on the mound.
  • Kirk Gibson is also playing up to his potential after batting only .260 or something last seaosn – a natural shortstop playing without an ACL he has made a seamless transition to first base, and is a corner stone of our infield – and allows last year’s first baseman an outfielder by trade to get back to his natural position.
  • Depo was having a solid year, until he skipped Saturday’s game to rest for Kenny Chesney and was cut. Sorry, Depo.
  • Our firstbaseman last year was gay anyway.
  • Dr. Jones has taken this team from the scrap heap and turned it into one of the top teams in the league.
  • Dr. Radical for Life.
  • Aside from Jesse Smith, Tony Casale has been our most valuable player.
  • Britton Mike and Mike have embraced the time-share at second base.
  • Watson’s ankle is healing, I hope.
  • Darren Daulton is unreal, when we don’t have to play at 8am he leads the team in Avg. doubles, and allows Jesse to play 3rd, where he imposes a Mike Schmidt like presence.
  • If we beat the Gray Bats (1-12) on Saturday we assure ourselves that we will finish with a better record than them and we will equal our win total from last season with ten games to play.


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