Batting Practice and League News

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA
Batting Practice today: 6:15 at the Pitt IM field.

The Ducks currently sit in third place after the Rebel army surrendered a double header to Kenny Powers this weekend.

Kenny Powers is a beast, they probably would have won both games anyway, but who knows.
Baseball is a funny game sometimes.

The Owlz are a nifty 10-0 and have scored 100 runs, allowing only 11
The Black Sox are 10-2
South Oakland of the North Side is 10-3.

The Owlz and Black Sox play each other this weekend.
Blood-Bath City.

If we take care of business against the defensively impaired Gray Bats ( who did not call the cops on the Owlz since they did not throw at Larry Z- the same Larry who said Alex Warren was overrated in this blog’s comment section) we will gain ground on one of these teams.


The Gray Bats trailed only by a couple runs heading into the sixth inning, they had been crying conspiracy, and it was somewhat effective, then the Owlz brought in the Warren Commission their second gunman theory was debunked.

Single Bullet
Every Conspiracy Needs a Patsy

Warren held the Owlz lead and the Gray Bats dropped game one of the double header.

Since neither team has a blog to facilitate trash talking, and since I have an amicable relationship with players on each team, I will pour some gasoline, light a match and walk away. As Kirk Gibson will tell you, it’s a fun thing to do, and will hopefully get a good discussion thread going.

My sources are anonymous as always.

From the Black Sox :

  • “F___ Scott Dunn he’s overrated. We can hit him.
  • “We can hit their junkballers… We’ll take care of the Owlz”
  • “Rob Cool is a homo”

From the Owlz’ss’z:

  • “The Black Sox get older and slower every year, they’re out of shape”
  • “Their defense is poor, they just try to intimidate teams, they can’t touch our pitching.”
  • “The Black Sox do not impress me…”
  • “Dunn no-hit them twice last season.”

A while back there was some trash talk in the comments in relation to the Owlz ability to hit Slavicek, who may or may not be forced to undergo season-ending surgery.

Both these teams stand in the Ducks way of a regular season division title, and our road to the Championship.

We have a win against the Black Sox, but the Owlz dominated a decimated Ducks lineup as though we were the Gray Batz – sweeping a Mother’s Day double header on a day that saw Nick Homa play shortstop.

The Black Sox seem to be very preoccuped with the Owlz, not so much South Oakland of the North Side, and that’s fine.

The Owlz seem more preoccupied with pursuing an invite into the Independant League, and getting Ozzie Canseco to DH for them (two z’s in his name, i think he’s a perfect fit).

The Owlz are like a combination of Mr. Burns’ softball team from that Simpsons’ episode and RaZor Ramon, – I think a lot of teams mail it in against them and the Black Sox before they even take the field. – sometimes literally as they both have forfeit wins this season.

For example: The Gray Bats held out their second best pitcher against the Owlz in game 2 yesterday conceding victory so they’d have a chance against the Bulldogs.
I see the logic, but I believe in going with the guy who gives you the best chance to win that game. You play your best against the best.

The Black Sox do intimidate teams, but they are 10-2 for a reason.
They still have pitching depth and there is not an easy out in their lineup.

These teams hate each other more than the Capulets and Montagues.
There are good odds on a fight breaking out in the stands.

Wallis’ gravity ball was effective for a bit, until the Owlz wised up. (haha – wised up)
There were many errors and base running mistakes by the Gray Bats.
I haven’t looked, but I bet there is a sentiment of “moral victory” on the Chicken Soup for the Gray Bats Soul blog.

It looks like he’s crying

These guys have three blogs. (counting Sorosky’s) jesus.
If blogs were quality outfielders your team would have five wins.

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”
-Vince Lombardi.

The Don Henley’s and the Confederacy round out the Whales Conference.
Both teams forfeit a lot.
Our loss to the Rebels this season looms, unbelievable.
They beat us fair and square but the war is not over, not by a mile. The Union will not stand divided.
We don’t play them for a year.
We have done a great job of winning five straight after a tough loss to a team we should have beaten.

I guarantee a win for the Bulldogs tonight over the Gray Bats.

The Commish hits for the cycle.
Vinny goes yard twice.

The Hurricanes split a double header with the bulldogs over the weekend.
Redemption Song on the best blog in the league.

The Hurricanes are tough, they are one of only two teams over .500 in the Campbell Conference.

The Warriors are always competitive, and the other + .500 team out west.
I attribute this to Heckman being a supreme dick, and his resurgence as a pitcher.
Any team with The Ultimate Warrior has a chance to win.
The Bulldogs will still take that division.

I think all teams making the playoffs has not had the desired effect as guys don’t show up for games they deem meaningless.
What’s the big deal, we’ll still make the playoffs, who cares if we go 4-20 with seven forfeits?
Unless your competing for a bye, and right now half the teams in our Conference aren’t there seems to be a malaise surrounding some teams.
It was voted on so this is what we have.
It hasn’t made it any less fun for me personally.

Ducks vs. Gray Bats Saturday at 8am.
(They are better than 1-10, I’d say they should be 4-7.)

  • Practice tonight at 6:15
  • Thursday at 6:15
  • BP Friday at 5:30

All at the Pitt IM Field.


Ducks vs. Bombers recap below.

Bad News for the Gray Bats.

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