Gray Bats (larry in particular): Delusional or comedic?


Is LarryZ delusional or are the Gray Bats conducting some grander scheme in an effort to interfere with the Ducks’ mental well-being? I will allow the readers to be the judges.

LarryZ, after accusing members of the Ducks of depositing trash and unnecessary banter on the now defunct Pittsburgh Gray Bats blog, has decided to continue his talking in the most hypocritical of fashions.
LarryZ wrote:
[with regard to the ranking of Monongahela Division teams] Owls #1, Sox #2, Bats #3, Ducks #4, then everyone else

LarryZ has contributed several other ridiculous statements, but I am going to let this one stand alone so that readers can focus solely on it. I will take this opportunity to provide a definition of the word delusion.
delusion: a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary
Of course, one who is delusional is under the influence of delusion.
Let’s see, is the Gray Bats’ belief persistent and false? Incessantly asserting that the Gray Bats are better than the Ducks may well be construed as both persistent and false. Are these beliefs maintained by the Bats despite indisputable evidence to the contrary? Well, the evidence is about as near indisputable as possible. The Ducks have 10 wins, the Bats have 1. Both teams have played a similar amount of games and similar opponents. To most people, this situation can only be described as one in which the Gray Bats are delusional.
I know I get this sort of odd reputation that all I like to do is take shots at opponents on stupid message boards, but this is not really the case. I have said on several occasions that the Bats are likely better than their record indicates, and that they deserve more respect than their record commands, but their continued hubris is laughable. I commend their pride in their team, but their defense of these positions has become outlandish.
Next, let’s consider the remarks of Sorosky (who is slightly more careful about his comments, as he adds that this weekend’s game ought to be “great,” indicating that he feels the Ducks and Bats are at least on a comparable level), with my comments in green:
The Gray Bats will start to pick up some victories and will end up having more wins than the bottom two teams. Maybe even more than the Ducks. What?!? Are you serious? I’m not going to throw the bottom two teams under the bus, but you may well finish above them. But more wins than the Ducks? You realize the probability of this happening is <.01? The Ducks would have to lose nearly the rest of their games and the Bats win nearly all of theirs.
Gauranteed [sic] we take one of the next two from the Ducks. Just like the guaranteed victory in game one of the matchup, right?
No team I have ever been a part of in the NABA has been season sweeped [sic] by the Ducks. Don’t be naïve.
[on the Gray Bats lasting longer than the Ducks in the playoffs] It’s going to happen again just like it did in the fall 08. Hm…I was unaware the Ducks fielded a fall league team.
[on intimidating Gwin and me with his pitching prowess] Congrats! Which team won two down the stretch and snagged a playoff birth?
Look, I have no doubt that the Gray Bats can make a late season push and surprise some people in the playoffs, but I could not let the absurdity of their recent comments go unnoticed. I’m glad you are looking forward to the game this weekend Sorosky and Larry. We are looking forward to it also.
Ducks need to be ready to dominate bright and early on Saturday morning.

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