{RE-edit]…Gray Bats, Weak: Day 3

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

The Gray Bats have no chance against us if we have our best lineup.
The only way they win this game is if we have guys playing out of position, or still drunk, or whatever, and even then with any nine of us I like our chances.
Still, these guys are 2-12, and are acting like they can play on the same level as us.
Even though we beat them 8-0 last time we faced them.
We beat them by more than the Owlz did, although to be fair the owlz looked like they were sleep walking, and playing different positions for fun and shit.
We all know there’s the biggest hockey game of most of our lives the night before.

If you are a Duck and want to be able to look me, Ben Gwin – the founder and captain of this team in the eye ever again, you will stay as sober as you have to the night before to be effective Saturday, and you will show up ready to play.
You will be ready to bury this joke of a team, who has a great starting pitcher, Ben Sorosky (whom I have much respect for as an opponent and occasional teammate.)
and a couple other guys who can hit.
But nothing else.

They have called out our team, our blog, myself, Kirk, Dr. Jones, the town of South Oakland.
They don’t even incorporate the Batman logo into their uniform.
They have called out the tournament winning Blues team that Sorosky, Strom and I put together (which is really odd, and may not concern you – Larry probably thinks the Gray Bats could beat the Blues though)

They (mostly larry who is batting a robust .200, and wouldn’t sniff the field if he were a Duck Black Sock [correct singular?] Owl, Bulldog, Hurricane, Warrior, etc…) are taking things to another level and I can’t understand it.
This goes beyond the Rebels response to the Confederacy comments, (which i guess i can wrap my head around if i try.)

We lost to the Rebels in an 8am game.
We were worse than the Rebels that day, and it may cost us a bye.
We can not be worse than the Gray Bats on Saturday.

We are playing for a shot at the Division and a bye.
Our immediate long term our goal is to pass the Black Sox – the team immediatly ahead of us in the standings, not to fend off the Gray Bats.
“One game at a time” is a cliche for a reason.

These guys are f-ing rediculous
maybe we can harass another one of their bloggers into
cowardly shutting down their site.

the trash talk between the 10-3 Ducks and the 2-12 Gray Bats is heating up, check the following post and the comments in the post below it.
Also the B-Sox Owlz game is this weekend.
Adding fuel to that fire is like throwing brush in a volcano.
That is the most intense rivalry in the league, there is genuine disdain between those two teams.

I’ve never seen a 2-12 team with so much to say…

Thank you all for reading and commenting it is greatly appreciated.

Ducks Bombers Recap



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