Game Day [7] Ducks vs. Matadors.

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (3-3)
Etna Matadors (1-3)

Springview Field.

Batting Practice 6:30 Pitt IM Field

Candlesticks are nice.

A couple years back, the Matadors really pushed the conspiracy theory to the limit.
The team’s head bullfighter allegedly offered a bribe to a current Duck who once ran another team in the Pgh NABA. The Bullfighter asked the former coach to throw a game to spite the commish and his team and take a playoff spot form the Bulldogs.

Last season, the Matadors were taken over by a new guy who did not have the good sense to change the team name to the Bulls, or anything that doesn’t have to do with slaughtering perfectly good bovines.

However the Matador unis are solid and they look expensive, and while the lack of a team named the Bulls is bothersome, buying new threads for the sake of having a more humane and baseball relevant name is not the most fiscally responsible decision.
So the Matadors they remain.
They lost to the Confederacy in the ’07 finals.

Back in the 1860’s the Confederacy formed one of our nations most bothersome militias

The Matadors will be tough; they have lost big to the Black Sox and HURRICANES!
So have the Ducks.
A win tonight will put South Oakland at 4-3 before the calvary arrives and the Ducks roster takes shape.

Captain’s on the hill tonight.

Ducks continue to migrate to South Oakland.

Kelly’s 3-for-3

Bad News for the Matadors

6 thoughts on “Game Day [7] Ducks vs. Matadors.

  1. We seem to have good standing against teams that have girls either fielding or keeping score…hopefully there's a female matador along for the ride this evening to the duck pond.


  2. way to embrace the nickname…I agree with the sentiment, we are 3-1 agaist teams who have had females play for them…last year the warriors had a lady warrior in RF, one of the warriors told me the canes threw at her, i don't know if it was intentional or not…


  3. No way, the Canes threw at the Lady Warrior? I guess that's how Ben gets things started. That's pretty low, even for Holloway's Hurricanes..The Matadors are sponsored by Mallorca restaurant I hear. Now hungry for some paella.


  4. i don't know if it was intentional or if it even really happened, maybe a warrior could clarify… those two teams really hate each other. I know Heckman is not above throwing at kids, he'll admit that.


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