Game 14 Recap: Kenny Cool Coaches Magnificent Third Base En Route to Ducks Trouncing of Titans. Ducks 10, Titans 0

pittsburgh NABA, Recap, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks 10, Titans 0 (5)

This game doesn’t deserve a full recap.

It was hot and muggy. Pittsburgh in July.

The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side  (9-5, 3-1) cruised to victory over the North Shore Titans (0-10) by a score of 10-0.

After an eight-run top of the first for the Ducks,  neither team seemed very interested. The exception being Ducks starter, Pitcher of the Year candidate, James Tessyier, who has allowed one earned run in 18+, and has pitched eleven consecutive shutout innings while playing a significant factor in the Ducks resurgence this season.

Tessyier (3-0, 0.38 ERA) pitched a complete game three-hit shutout striking out nine, walking none.

The Titans were half dead when we got there, and played like a blind man in a sauna: sweatily and with brail or something.

Their catcher almost died, literally, I think, of heat stroke or exhaustion; I suppose we can laugh about it now that he lived and played a decent game at first.

The replacement catcher ate sandwiches between innings and the game didn’t end till midnight.

What a shit-show.

I don’t know a lot about pitching, but the best coaches I’ve had always told our pitchers to work fast: Get the ball and get on the rubber.

It was like watching miniature giraffes fight over a bottle of Boone’s Farm out there.

The Titans can hit a little but defensively, several balls were misplayed- like a blind man in a sauna.

Kenny Cool coached his brother Rob to a 2 for 3, 4 RBI day at the plate that included a bases-clearing triple and a double.

DeFilippo (2), McCray, Baumgartel, and Fago had RBI for South Oakland.

Player of the Game: Kenny Cool.

South Oakland has won five straight, outscoring opponents 48-7 during the streak.

The Ducks take on the Knights at Spring View Field, Monday night at 9pm.

The Black Sox game can’t get here soon enough:

Gwin vs. Powers

Captain America vs. The Hulk

Les Gies vs. Randy

Rob Cool vs. that loud guy in the stands

Abe Lincoln vs. Vampires

Fago vs. Chalfin.

Ducks vs. Black Sox

Thick with sub-plotz.

First place and a shot at the AA title is on the line.

Monday, 6/28 at Spring View Field

That will be a baseball game.


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