Ducks Take Two Over the Weekend. Clinch 3rd Seed in Playoffs

2011 Ducks Baseball, Ducks win

James Fago pitched a complete game, allowing 0 earned runs for the win over the Black Sox on Saturday night, and on Sunday, Mike Fletcher allowed 3 runs over four strong innings of work against The Express, as the Ducks swept the season series’ against both Brookline and Carrick.

It got a little hectic at the end of the Express game, but we kept our composure.

Good thing we raked, collectively. Lots of doubles.

We play the Fightin’s Monday night at 9pm, and finish with Elliot on Wednesday, 6pm at Herschal

No word on the sharks game being rescheduled. If I don’t hear from their coach its a forfeit win for us.

There could be some scenario that allows the Bulldogs to fall to second in their division, while holding a better overall record than us, but that would mean a team with a worse overall winning percentage than the Bulldogs would win the Allegheny, get the two seed, and then the Bulldogs would beat us out for the 3rd seed because of a better overall won-loss. So technically we haven’t clinched, but I have faith in those guys to beat the Oilers.

The flaw in the current playoff system is that the division standings are based only on division record, and the rest of the playoff seeding is determined by conference record.

I think it should just be overall won-loss for everything.

Give the division winners the #1 &#2 seeds based on overall record and rank teams from there. I think it’s the way it is now to compensate for the A teams or something, but eventually there won’t be any inter-conference games.

The Militia split a double header with Elliot today.

I’m ready for the playoffs to start.


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