Playoffs Start Sunday July 24th

2011 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA

Ducks, be ready to play at one of the following locations and times:

We open the playoffs with the Oilers then, should we beat them, we’ll get the winner of the Hurricanes Sharks game.

NH    Sun    7/24/11    3:00 PM    5:30 PM
NP    Sun    7/24/11    12:00 PM    2:30 PM
NP    Sun    7/24/11    3:00 PM    5:30 PM
WH    Sun    7/24/11    10:00 AM    12:30 PM
WH    Sun    7/24/11    1:00 PM    3:30 PM

the bracket above is unofficial and probably hard to read.

No team has repeated as Pittsburgh NABA champs and no team has won a third title. We can do both this summer.


52 thoughts on “Playoffs Start Sunday July 24th

  1. this is bob holloway, manager of the pittsburgh hurricanes.i dont believe in using blogs, but i know alot of naba players read this….. so i am officially starting a petition to have joe graff relieved of his duties as commissioner of the pittsburgh naba. over the past few weeks, i have heard more talk about players not playing, due to registration not being filled out…. refusing to reschedule games that teams have been asking for months to move with playoff implications… and simply not returning phone calls to managers because of personal issues…i think this is unacceptable… people pay to PLAY in this league… not be play all season, and be told they are inneligable as soon as playoffs start. i am personally calling the naba office 2moro to get this process started… maybe im the only one who feels this way, but ive been in this league 4 years now… other players and managers have never heard me bitch about anything except competition only. i believe something is seriously wrong with this situation . this man is NOT roger goddell…. let me know what u think…..sorry to use the ducks blog for this.


    1. I completely agree. For example, we have players who have played for us for more then half the season and have been on the roster even before the season started, then all were told today by Joe Giraffe that they could not play. Why hasn’t anything been said during the regular season about this? Why is it said now? There is something seriously wrong and it starts with Joe and the Bulldogs. It is completely obvious that they are not handling this the proper way because everything is always in favor for them which is extremely biased. Is it a coincidence that the President of the league plays for the Bulldogs (well I should say plays on the bench) ? ? ? I would like to see all of his players registration forms too! From their 8:30 AM time slot ON A SUNDAY to lying constantly about stuff being discussed from issues brought up at the winter meetings and then throwned aside, this has to end. I’ve had enough of it and enough of the NABA, thanks to poor leadership by an incompetent President. Something needs to be done.


  2. Here is where i stand on this. I know the express would not be playing if it were not for Joe G. I also understand how the players that where ruled ineligible for the play offs must feel. I personally don’t think kicking Joe out of commissioner is the right decision for the league. If he leaves we may not have anyone to run the league. Also in Joe’s defense this was voted on and needed at least 6 managers out of 10 to vote against it. So obviously other ppl must not feel it is fair for them to be playing. Another thought the express players pointed out is that if those 5 players were ruled eligible to play it would have pushed the cains into another bracket of amount of players on the team (which i thought would translate to more money owed) From my understanding 1-18 players was what the league fee covered and then I believe it was an additional $225 for 4 more ppl. This is just another concern that was discussed by players. Bob, I understand your frustration, you guys are a very good team and from my understanding these 5 guys where good ball players. i know it must suck not to have them in the playoffs. I just don’t know if Joe is the one to blame seeing as the managers voted on it.


  3. Honestly, just think about it this way… You are complaining about a volunteer, the guy puts a ton of time into this league. A quick example would be how he fitted the first few weeks of the season in with only 4 forfeits. If you want to complain about someone then maybe we need to up league dues per team and pay the guy. He puts in a pretty large part-time job every season. If you want to go to the St. John Show then do it up, but for now, we need to be pissed at statdepot for their horrible system and not Joe. He is pretty lenient with all of the rules and this one went on too long. It’s the playoffs, let’s save the politics for September.




  5. I was just going to say…all i really care about is what yoda has to say about this situation, but now that i’ve actually heard it i’m disappointed and take that thought back


  6. First of all, I want to mention how awesome it is that this comment thread started with talk of the largest penis in the world, both by overall size and relative to body size.

    Having said that, Holloway I hope that your official petition process includes placing yourself in the president’s position because you can obviously run the league so much better than Graff. So when you call up the national NABA be sure to tell them that you can continue to increase the league’s size each year, improve the quality of play for all teams involved, obtain more field permits at better fields without a major cost increase, continue to improve the umpires (however crappy they can be), and make sure all the teams in the league have a say in the policies that are implemented before and during the season.

    Yes, obviously the Statdepot site blows, but if you had a problem with it, all you had to do was let Graff know that it wouldn’t register guys and I’m sure he would’ve had it taken care of. It’s not his job to individually register each player in the league. The responsibility to get players registered is solely on the managers and players themselves. If you can’t do that simple task it shouldn’t surprise you that guys are going to be ineligible in the playoffs.

    Frankly, you need to get your head out of your ass and stop being so full of yourself. Graff probably puts more time and energy into this league, and deals with more frustration than anyone else would take. And every one of your points is bogus. Rescheduling games – do you remember how much rain we got this year, or does your memory only go back to the start of the playoffs? You’re calling him out for not returning calls immediately because of personal issues? Like someone said above, this is a volunteer position, he doesn’t get paid to deal with your bullshit but handles it professionally nonetheless. No shit he’s not Roger Goodell, or Bud Selig (who is the MLB commissioner, not NFL like Goodell), or else he wouldn’t be doing this as a volunteer. And most importantly, getting players registered is in your best interest. If something happens on the field or during a game, and your players aren’t covered under the league’s liability policy because they’re not registered, they’re all fucked. I’m guessing you don’t want to see that for your own players, but I could be wrong. Seems to me you’re too full of yourself to notice what anyone else is doing in this league.






  9. Bob sent our team a message about this post he made on here thus I’d like 2 comment for myself so as not to be lumped in with anything. I’m my own person and can speak for myself. What he said was about HIS feelings not mine or other team members. I ask that everyone keep that in mind. Anyone who has talked 2 me knows I’m the last one 2 fight or get 2 serious. This league is about something 2 do for me not my life.

    The roster thing should not have happened. Paper contracts like last year should have been used as stat depot and the google document were obviously unreliable. The Canes have no one to blame but ourselves. I should have faked the roster so it was at least complete. No one was aware it was a big deal. We should have however.

    With that said how it was handled after the fact was wrong i feel. Obviously the other managers would vote no. They don’t want to see our team any better than it has to be. Plus the way we act and carry ourselves at times as burned everybridge conceivable in the league. My whole issue is that no one who makes choices is truly impartial at all. Joe has a team and so do the other managers thus the vote will ALWAYS be swayed. I don’t think that’s right. I play butler eagle county as well and it’s a very similar league. There is a board of older guys who just like baseball and they make all the decisions. I feel a similar thing may need to be set up here just so that it’s not just on Joe. If multiple people mother F’d me i wouldn’t try to help them out either. Thus i can’t really say anything about his decision on the roster or the other managers.

    We werent trying to cheat or be shady. Nate and Jordan were with our team from the first game. They are pitchers and each saw multiple games. The other two were late adds due to vacations etc as we went looking for people to field a team. They both played in maybe a game or two. No one in the league is any good or we wouldn’t have real jobs etc. No one we brought in is anything the league hasn’t seen before. We Certainly weren’t stacking our team or something. People complained about Jordan because he was the pitcher of record when we beat the bulldogs. He also lost to a single A team this year that had maybe 5 wins all year. Obviously he is good but he isnt king Felix or something. No one in the league is.

    For those out of the know the Bulldogs play at 830am at Herb. Bob tried before the season started to reschedule our games at that time slot.

    We have multiple guys who work Saturday and Sunday mornings. We couldn’t field a team let alone have our best there. We tried for months to reschedule. We all PAY to play and he screwed us out of a possible buy and the chance to play another game and used the “rule” to do it. I don’t think as a man that was fair. Alot of other managers would have let us reschedule. Its a rule sure but a cheap way to get a win in my opinion. By the way I said this to him face to face so please don’t say I’m talking behind his back. I also said this 2 him in a normal way and wasnt picking a fist fight with him. I’m sure Joe will state that as a truth.

    As for the Joe petition thing I don’t agree with that. I do think that there needs to be an impartial board of some kind. The league is to big not 2. Pretty much the entire league hates our squad because of some antics that went down with SOME of our guys. I don’t blame them for how they feel. However, it wasnt the whole team but the whole team gets punished. I don’t think we will ever get a fair shake if issues are left to Joe himself or the managers to make decisions.

    I also want to say the Bob is an overall good guy. He has a bad temper obviously. So do ALOT of guys in this league. Those arguments throughout the years weren’t with himself. It takes two.He is just looking for a fair deal here. I wish people would take a look from his side and see that he may have a beef but doesn’t have anywhere to legit argue his side.

    Id also like 2 say good luck 2 all the squads still left in. Who ever wins it
    Deserves it


  10. i wont even comment on yoda clown. as for rawlings770 (who shall remain nameless i guess)????? im not nominating myself to run the league…. i have no idea who would step up… whoever it is CANNOT play in the league and be president,thats for sure. as for the volunteer excuse…. everyone of us who decide to manage a team makes the same sacrifices….at manager meetings , coaches are told to set it up that we play for free…. i DO NOT. we grow the league by getting better players… we grow the league by by getting better fields…at least know what u are speaking about before u comment. those are some harsh words for someone who doesnt even put your fucking name down. oh i forgot….this was why i dont read blogs in the first place.


    1. If they don’t play in the League then what incentive do they have to be president? Are we going to get someone’s dad to be president for us then?


      1. i’ve always thought the commissioner of this league should receive some monetary incentive for the amount of work the job requires and have shared that with Joe in the past. it seems like everytime someone brings up a flaw in the current system, someone responds with something along the lines of “get off Joe’s dick, he’s a volunteer”. just a rough, conservative estimate here: about 15 teams, about 20 players per team, say a $10 commissioner’s fee = $3,000. probably not enough moola to entice Paul Tagliabue out of retirement, but probably enough to get someone new to step up to replace Joe (who’s wanted out for a while i think) or enough to get Joe aka the Godfather to change his mind and continue on as commish.

        i also think the new rule that led to all this drama was poorly implemented. something as important as leading to guys being ineligible for a playoff game, when they had paid handsome league fees and played all year, should have been better communicated. In the past we just had to fill out a sheet of paper and give it back to our coach and we were good. this year we had to register on 2 different websites and the importance of doing so was poorly communicated.

        i’d be pissed if i was in the Hurricane’s shoes too.

        i wouldn’t do Joe’s job for free.

        i’m recommending making the commissioner’s job a paying job so we can get someone motivated in there. Joe’s wanted to step down, but no one has stepped up to replace him.


      2. 4 managers meetings prior to the season where rosters were always discussed.

        Weekly emails to managers with roster of eligible players listing what they still needed to get done if they weren’t eligible.

        As long as name was on the list (i.e. registered on either site by player himself or manager), you could fix any errors by the playoffs.

        However, if the name isn’t on the list, how is the commish supposed to even know the players exist? Telepathy?

        Sorry, gotta hang this one on the manager. Don’t hear any other teams having this issue.


  11. tjmorgan, don’t know what holloway told you but the canes were given three different time slots for the makeup game with the bulldogs, only one of which was a sat morning…and “bunit2”, nobody would want to run the league and not play in it, you’d have to be retarded to want to run a baseball league while not taking part in it, unless you are in the Fed league, THEN see how impartial the commissioner of that league is, suckin St. John’s dick every chance they get; I’m pretty sure Graff has never shown favoritism to the bulldogs, it just seems like that when teams like yours fuck up the rules and joe has to enforce it, you take it as favoritism and spin it in your favor…and enough with the immature rants and threats, the rules are in place for a reason, if you did the shit when you were supposed to there would have been no conflict: so grow up, this is a summer baseball league, not the cape cod league…and like the one dude said, if you don’t like it, go to the St. John’s show, not only would you lose your only pitcher, you’d never see the playoffs; and I’d love to see you call the commissioner of that league a pussy and a bitch and all the other derogatory comments your team has made towards joe, you’d be gone as soon as you said it…can’t believe he has put up with your childish antics for as long as he has




  13. I don’t question Graff’s integrity.
    Holloway should have got his guys signed up that happens and Joe isn’t in this position.

    The Ducks won’t protest the outcome of the Cane’s game due to player registration issues.

    I play on the Bulldogs over 28 team, and the guys on that team (including Joe) are good teammates, they play the right way and they want to win on the field, not via technicality.

    This shouldn’t be a character issue, it should be about one of two things, 1 is the rule fair? 2 is the rule being broken.

    it’s deteriorated a bit.

    I respect Holloway for taking the Hurricanes from a 3-21 team to a championship in two years and Rafalski is one of the toughest pitchers I wil face at any level.

    the ducks look forward to the challenge.


  14. I know it’s dumb 2 recomment on this thread but whoever “gay unit” is please don’t lump a whole team in when your going after bob. I don’t think that’s really fair to some of us. I also think not using real names is kinda telephone tuff guy cause he can’t defend himself cept on here ya know.

    One time slot we used for the make up game against them that we played. The other was the very next day and then a Saturday morning. Its hard for me to belive there wasnt any open days over the month or two of the season is all I’m saying. Those are the only slots I was aware of however. It sounds like your a bulldog so perhaps you know more than myself. I very well could be wrong. I am everyday.

    I also was not trying 2 get into some blogasphere battle. I wanted to simply voice my own thoughts on the commish issue since bob brought it to a public forum.




  16. Yoda I love the all caps. I seriously laughed out loud when I read Ur posts

    Bobs a good teammate to have your side he just coms off a bit “ruff”

    I’m sure you know some guys like that.

    Good luck 2 everyone…even the ducks…should be a good game. I like the new uni’s


  17. morgan, why would the bulldogs reschedule a game where they were shorthanded and couldn’t put theirbest team on the field? exactly. that is why those time slots were provided because they were the only times they had their best squad, you would have done the same thing if you had to reschedule a game, you wouldn’t reschedule to leave yourselves shorthanded. and i don’t even know why graff is even mentioned in that rescheduling conversation, he is not and has not been the past two seasons, any type of coach for the bulldogs…in addition, i am also wrong every day and am not playing the “holier than thou” card, i’m stating the facts that the bulldogs did what was required of them to reschedule the game and then several of the hurricanes cussed out joe and threatened to “kick his ass”. i’m sure by the tone of your voice on your blog posts you weren’t one of them, but there were several and you should be ashamed to be teammates with people that exhibit that kind of behavior


  18. Well fuck it. I will throw my two cents in here.

    Re: removing Joe Graff as commissioner – that would be the absolute worst thing that could happen for this league. The league would crumble and fall apart within one year. Holloway’s been here for four years. You weren’t here in the beginning – times when we had parents playing left field and catchers calling balls and strikes and guys playing in jeanshorts. All respect to Boley because I love him, but Graff has grown the NABA from a Busch 6 team league to a legit and respectable 14-16 team league. Yea, we still have shitty umpires and shitty fields, but no one was offering better suggestions at the league meetings. It is awfully easy to piss and moan about something that you aren’t directly responsible for when things don’t go your way.

    I think you will have a difficult time convincing the national office remove him as commissioner. I would imagine that being commissioner of this league is like having several ex wives – just constant bitching all the time. I wouldn’t ever, ever want that mans job. On another note, Holloway’s threatened petition isn’t worth the Charmin Ultra that I wipe my ass with IMO.

    At your second point Re: rescheduling the 830 AM game. I don’t know the ins and outs of what went down at the beginning, but that game has been on the schedule since April and our game at Avonworth was the first rumbling that I heard that you guys wouldn’t have enough guys. I personally didn’t want to get the bye like that, but I didn’t feel too badly about it after your team pulled that shit by simply not showing up to the 830 game without telling us. No one likes getting up at the ass crack of dawn to play a game, and I especially don’t like to do that when the other team isn’t classy enough to call the opposing manager and let him know that his team isn’t showing. You create the illusion in your own mind that JG is being classless to make yourself feel better about the silly, incoherent, and rambling argument that you attempt to make, what would you call that move? I guess that would be your definition of class. Whatever. And PS: I don’t like paying umpires full fee because you decided to be a prick because you think Joe fucked you.

    It is a pity that every guy in this league will not know what actually happened with the Hurricanes/JG recent communications. All I know is that I could not believe how asinine and classless that the select few members of the Hurricanes actually are. Absolutely pathetic and embarrassing. I am ashamed to play in the same league as those guys.

    At any rate, good luck to all teams in the playoffs, including several of the Hurricanes players. It should be a fun couple weeks of baseball.


  19. Just want to let everyone know that my real name is James Richard Fago, yes I know, THE James Richard Fago here and I will be signing autographs before tomorrows game. Now for all the BS, let’s just throw our best 9 out there for the next two weeks and see who’s still standing. These type of things should just be tabled, so as a member of a sweet democracy, I motion to table until the most important day of the year… dammit…after checking the schedule this is going to sound horrible but bear with me, 9/11. The Buffalo Bills Superbowl run will start against the Kansas City Chiefs, i know you will all be tuned in to the prime time 1 pm time slot, but after that we can talk politics. As for now, there are 6 teams left and that’s all I want to think about. Ben Gwin please second me.


  20. Whoever “gay unit” is I said they did what was required of them. I said they did it by the rules. Bob told our whole team that he tried to reschedule since April our two games that started at 830. No one was trying to make them shorthanded from what I KNOW. I just think it sucks we BOTH couldn’t play for the bye. I think the rule needs changed to some kind of predetermined date that u can change the game but afterwards your stuck. Right now it’s basically like play at this time or f off as it stands now. I know our Sunday night slot left some people without there best at times but I’d like to think Bob would have changed if someone asked is all I’m saying.

    You can say mean stuff about me or whatever but I wanted to play for the division not forfiet or whatever.

    I think Vinny is the first baseman right?? I’m just wondering??

    The other posts didn’t had my name so I’m assume werent directed towards me.
    All these posts remind me of the bob vs Kenny posts of last year hahaha


  21. Everyone knows not all websites are friendly. Stat Depot has sucked for years. The job of a manager is to do whatever it takes to get every player to sign that online waiver thing. Check with them once, twice, etc. Not all players are responsible enough to do so and need babied. That’s it. If players are not legally eligible to play in this league games should be forfeited. At this late point in the seasons there’s no excuse. And nobody could replace Joe Graff good looks as commissioner.


  22. anyone that thinks joe should be removed as president of the league is an idiot. and like someone mentioned above, i’m sure joe would welcome it… you think he likes dealing with all of your bitching and whining and harassing voicemails?

    i’ve played with joe on the bulldogs for 6 seasons between the naba and the 28 and over pbl. i know that joe has gone out of his way to make sure that the bulldogs are not given any type of favoritism.


  23. I tried to reschedule an 8am john herb game vs. the bulldogs, and couldn’t. We played with seven ducks, one of whom didn’t have a contract and was playing illegally (Garrett Moore who is no longer on the team), and two guys from the eagles. So it’s not just an anti hurricanes thing not changing the times of early saturday morning games.


    1. isn’t rescheduling games an issue between the 2 team’s managers anyway? .. last time i checked, Joe isn’t the manager of the Bulldogs.


  24. gay unit can blow me….whoever said that rescheduling is for the managers to do was correct… i tried to call, text, send a pigeon with a note to bj and never got a response for either of the 8:30 games. i think whoever said that the bulldogs didnt want to play the hurricanes “shorthanded” shows a great amount of disrespect to the bulldogs as a team. are u trying to say u can only win with certain players???? thats how i took it…. i have 100% confidence in all of my players that we can win with any lineup against anyone….. this is why ALL of my teammates respect me as a player and coach… for all of u that think im crying and bitching, u can all kiss my ass… i actually love all the hate. the line is around the block for that…u can fall in line with the rest of them… the last point i will make on this blog is a question.
    if any of u were managers and u had to tell 4 guys that played for your team , paid ur teams league fees, rescheduled work shifts, and did everything u asked them to all season…now tell those players u can no longer play because of a bullshit rule. how would u feel? may the best team win.


  25. if they didn’t do it for the ducks, it probably means they literally wouldn’t have had the guys to play, and of course you took it the way you did because you are so standoff-ish (is that a word?), always thinking people are trying to disrespect you and want to fight, this isn’t high school man, chill the fuck out, not everybody is all raged out and tryin to “hate” and “rumble”…and you’re not 50 cent or eminem or whoever the new rapper is that says “BRING ON THE HATE”, we don’t hate you because you’re successful (which they are and you’re not), everybody in the league hates you because you’re annoying as fuck and don’t respect the game or the people who play it…and no, ALL of your teammates don’t respect you cause this morgan fella and several others on your team distanced themselves from all of your actions and even your own brother left your team, that speaks VOLUMES…and no, it’s not a bullshit rule, it’s there for a reason, abide by it


  26. and blame yourself for this statement: “if any of u were managers and u had to tell 4 guys that played for your team , paid ur teams league fees, rescheduled work shifts, and did everything u asked them to all season…now tell those players u can no longer play because of a bullshit rule. how would u feel?”…who’s fault was it that they weren’t registered when they were supposed to be?…#TRUTH


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