Ducks Win

2014 South Oakland Ducks, Ducks win

Ducks 10, Monsters 9

South Oakland (10-3) held on to beat the Monsters 10-9 at the hidden field of Brentwood on Sunday. The Monsters fell to 5-8 on the season.

Here’s a cheap bulleted recap

  • Ben Sorosky returned to the mound after a 3 year hiatus and recorded a 2-inning save for starter and winning pitcher Brian Strom. Both Ducks pitched well despite combining to allow 9 runs.
  • Strom has been great for us on the mound this season.
  • Jason Fetter had three hits and added 2 huge insurance runs in the seventh
  • Galvanek also had three hits
  • We stole bases.
  • We made some odd base running decisions.
  • South Oakland turned a sweet 3-6-3 double play with runners on first and second and nobody out in the sixth.
  • We won without five starters. I think the Monsters were down a few guys as well, so whatever. We still have good depth.
  • Mike Brandt leaned into a pitch and was told to stay at the plate. I am now not the only Duck to have done this.
  • All ten Ducks reached base safely or drove in a run. Lots of productive outs.
  • We’re tied for first with North America (11-4) who beat the WOLFPACK!!! 9-7 Saturday night. The WOLFPACK!!! is 9-4.
  • We either play Wed at 6:15 in Etna, or we have a double header at home at 6:15 on Wed. I’m not sure which. Management will text everyone when the location is confirmed with the other managers and the league office.




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