Three Divisions

2015 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA

The league moved to three divisions. We will be in the middle division. Teams in Double A will play regular season games against every team in the league. All games will be weighted equally. Playoffs will be seperated by division.

I’m excited for the chance to play against the best teams in the league.

The games against the AAA teams will help prepare us for playoffs, and the games agasint the A teams will allow us to get everyone playing time. The Double A Division will be tough.

Big picture wise, this will allow more teams to have more competitive games and allow everyone to compete for a championship in their respective division.

I wonder how teams will set their rotations against the upper and lower level teams. Do you punt games against Jefferson Hills to save arms for when you face the WOLFPACK, or the Express? There’s another element of stategy added now with the unbalanced schedule. It should be interesting.

Discussions got heated today in the league meeting. It was pretty hilarious. The New Lions team guaranteed a win against Clinton. I love the confidence.



5 thoughts on “Three Divisions

  1. That Clinton guy is such a piker. I had to yell at him. They will probably kick our ass, I just had to say something. “Why don’t you guys just not keep score and let everyone hit” fuck you. He doesn’t even play. But I’m looking forward to this year and going to get to see what this manger shit is about.
    Signing out
    Dirty Birds

    Good luck this year, may the best bird win


  2. Good luck. Managing is stressfull even without all the admin stuff. Playing outfield while you’re thinking about the in-game moves takes getting used to. Dealing with personalities can be tough, too. There’s no way to please everyone. I’m lucky my team has good chemestry. I learned a tough lesson about that a while back…As for the meeting, his argument was rediculous and not based in logic. I think playing all the teams and having the playoffs seperated by division is great. I dropped our team down last year so we could run the team to have fun instead of just playing my best 9 all the time. I love that you guys are talking shit. It makes things much more interesting.



    1. I think it was 2011 the last team the two divisions played eachother and I am looking forward to have a little more balance between fun and competition.

      The only thing that is kind of a shame is that I think the best way to develop rivalries is to play a team thee or four times a season and the AA teams miss out on that this year. The better you know the guys on the other team, the more fun it is. With that mind Im ok with playing every team. I can’t wait to play that mid afternoon game in the swealtering heat of pie traynor against the senators. What a great, productive way to spend a saturday afternoon


  3. I get your point, but you could argue, depending on where your team is, that you’re saving yourself two games at Pie Traynor at noon by playing the senators once at home.


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