All-Decade Team Preview

2020 South Oakland Ducks

I told Andy I’d help out with this since I’ve been playing for a long time and know a lot of guys who have played in the league since 2010. He’s put a lot of work into this.

Andy is raffling off a Tyler Boyd signed ball. If you go to Cranberry’s blog and vote, you’ll have a chance to win it.

We realized the Hurricanes folded in 2011. Should they be represented? I think so, but Andy disagrees. I concede the point as , but they were really good. Stupka had the best curve ball I’ve ever seen. Rafalski became a meme he was so dominant, and Joyner was arguably the best shortstop in the league for the three or four years he played. So while they won’t be on the ballot, they should be noted. I think there’s a write-in space. RIP Fightin’ Rafalskis.

There also was no team of the 00s, which would have been interesting. Personally, my favorite NABA years were 2008 and 2009. Our two winningest seasons in 2010 and 2011 were too stressful. The feel of 09 came back in 2014, but was again killed when we went to three divisions. It didn’t die a quick death, rather it was smothered to the point I handed over the reins. Now it’s fun again. This year, despite the masks, has been fun. Pardon the digression.

Andy reached out to all the former managers for their nominations, and I helped him fill in the blanks when they didn’t respond. When I couldn’t think of anyone, I picked my friends and eventual teammates. I’m sure I missed some guys.

Cranberry had a few more years in AAA this decade. I really only know guys from 2010-13. My choices are going to be biased. I can’t’ name one player from Jefferson Hills. They all looked the same when we played them, and hit rockets over my head in the OF.

Here is the list that will be on the ballot over at Cranberrys’ blog.

I can probably give more names of players on teams that no longer exist, or merged into new teams. Like Don Stetzer. All-time great for the Phantoms. I think they folded in like 2008 or maybe became another team. Then he went to the Warriors. Who is the best Cherokee player of all time? I don’t know, but I enjoyed playing with some of those guys as Ducks. I’ll vote for someone I know. Though, McNeil probably has the best stats of anyone whose played in the league when we’ve had the most talent in AAA overall.

We will take the top vote-getter from each team and then fill in with the lineup in ascending order of most to least votes.

I don’t know anyone in Single A, except Craig Boley who is easily the choice for the Warriors, despite his lack of nomination. He is the ultimate Warrior.

So check out Cranberry’s blog. I’ll post about this again.







2 thoughts on “All-Decade Team Preview

  1. No love for the infamous Gray Bats of 2010? The 2-18 record wasn’t worth mentioning? Ben Sorosky, Ben Sorosky’s dad? Those Italian Brothers with the pizza shop, that old stud manager? I still have a few uniforms, engraved Gray Bats bats, as well as a few broken bones from that season.


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