Game Day 13: Ducks vs. Senators.

2014 South Oakland Ducks, Gameday, pittsburgh NABA

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (9-3)


Senators (3-8)


Springview Field

Hopefully the weather holds up.

We played the Sens on Sat and, like the first match-up, outlasted them in a game that was close early and turned into a fairly one-sided Ducks win.

I have to wonder who they’re going to throw on short rest today.

The Lions swept the bombers on Sunday, and are now tied for first at 10-4. The Bombers are making me look bad for touting them so highly early on.

The WOLFPACK!!! are 9-3.

We’re starting to see some separation between the top 3 teams and the rest of the conference. The Monsters, Bombers and Titans are all under achieving right now, as best as I can tell, and the Senators and Warriors have been unable to get into the swing of the season with all the rain outs.

We need a win tonight keep pace, and stay in the hunt for a bye in the playoffs.

Assume the game is on, unless there is a monsoon. Rescheduling this time of year is near-impossible.

Captain America is scheduled to make his return tonight.

captainamerica180s Bad News for the Senators





X-Rays are Negative and I got some sweet painkillers. Ducks Win.

2014 South Oakland Ducks, Ducks win, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

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The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side defeated the Senators 10-6 (as confirmed by the scorebook) Saturday afternoon in North Park. The win brings the Ducks (9-3) back into a tie for first with the WOLFPACK!!! and keeps South Oakland a game ahead of North America. The Senators dropped to 3-8.

The Ducks struck first in the top of the second. After the Sens recorded two quick outs, their starting pitcher walked the ducks 7,8,9 hitters, before Gwin singled in two.

Then Senators took a 4-2 lead in the bottom half of the inning as Matt Swetz struggled with his command. Swetz finished with 2Ks in 1 2/3 IP, and allowed only one hit. There were many walks, and some errors.

The Ducks tied the game in the third when Strom singled in Culp.

Then the Senators went ahead 5-3 after three, but South Oakland scored three in the top of the fourth when Moore singled past a drawn-in infield, then Limbach hit an RBI fielder’s choice to first, before Culp a two-run triple. Culp finished 1-for-1 with a triple, 3 walks, and 2RBI.

The Senators put in a reliever at some point. The Ducks added four in the top of the sixth. Dover hit a two-run double that one-hopped the fence in left. I’ve never seen a ball hit that far at Pie Trayor. Riley drove in a run with a ground out to first.

Strom was robbed of extra bases. for the final out of the inning.

Ben Hartranft suffered an upper body injury making a diving attempt at a single in the third inning. Hartranft finished 1-for-2 with a walk and an RBI.

One of the Senators players blew hit knee out, then almost singled on one leg in the second inning, but was thrown out at first in a 9-1-3 putout. I think that’s the first time we’ve forced out a guy from the outfield. Naturally Garrett was involved.

Really, that was a bad coaching mistake that led to the Sens having to take an out. Always leave one guy out of the batting lineup if you can just for flexibility. Though, it did speed up the game.


South Oakland’s next game is Wednesday vs. the Senators, 8pm at Spring Hill.


Ducks Win: Ducks 7, Cranberry 6

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

James Fago hit a walk off two-run single in the bottom of the seventh to lead South Oakland past Cranberry Wednesday night. South Oakland (8-1, 11-6-2) led 5-2 after the first inning, but Cranberry (1-7, 6-13) scored 1 run in the third, fifth and sixth innings to tie the game at 5 and took a 6-5 lead in the seventh.

In the bottom of the seventh with one out, Casale and Johnston hit back to back singles, then Morgan walked to load the bases for Fago who ended the game with a single to center.

With three division games remaining, the Ducks lead the Cherokee (6-3, 13-6) by 2 games.

The Cherokee have two games left against Cranberry and one against us.

We have two against the Black Sox and one against the Cherokee.

We lead the season series 2-1 over the Cherokee.

I’m pretty sure if we finish tied we lose the tie breaker.

Notes: Bring back Right Down Broadway. The plate ump last night was unspectacular.

The kid who pitched for Cranberry threw well. He also hit a solo home run in the first.

Good teams win close games. Cranberry had a chance to steal one, and I think it was Guthrie and TJ Morgan’s veteran leadership that pulled South Oakland through last night.

It’s going to be a battle for the last playoff spot between the Black Sox (2-6) and Cranberry (1-7).

South Oakland has won four straight and ten of twelve since starting 1-4-2

The Ducks are off until Monday when we play the Black Sox at home.


Game Day 4/5: Ducks at Militia

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, who names their team the Rebels?

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side


Monroeville Militia

Sunday, April 29th

10:00AM & 12:30PM

Woodland Hills High School

(Former Gray Bats mgr. Larry Z.)

The Militia are primarily a combination of two storied PGH NABA Franchises: The Gray Bats, and the Original Rebels – The Rebels formed when the Black Sox split in ’07.

A handful of Militia players also played for the old Knights/Orioles franchise, their Manager, PGH NABA Legend John Tremel played on the Warriors for a season, their best player of all time, Jeremy Barchie, was a Duck for half a season. They also have a Hurricane defector from last season, and a player from the old Phantoms.

Kenny Powers says fuck the Rebels.

  • Aside from the Kenny Power’s Black Sox, and Craig Boley’s Warriors none of those other teams exist anymore – the Gray Bats went out in a flutter after one season.
  • While the Sox and Warriors are two of the Original 3 teams still in existence, they existed in 2003 as the Stampeders and Piranhas – respectively. (The Ducks, Maulers and Arthropods also played in ’03. Yeah, we had a team called the Arthropods in our league, once.)
  • The South Oakland Ducks is the only franchise that’s been around since 2003 with the same name. We just won’t die.
  • We’ve absorbed players from the ’08, and ’09 Championship teams (OwlzZzzz, Hurricanes) and still have a core of hold overs from our Championship team of 2010 (when we beat the Militia to advance to the championship) , and our team that reached the 2011 Finals.
  • The  ’07, ’08 and ’09 Champions have all folded. That’s odd. You’d think winning a title would make a guys want to stay together and build on that success. Additionally the ’06 and ’07 runner ups (Colonials and Matadors) have folded.
  • Gone are the Oilers and Sharks.
  • Guthrie and Fago played on the old Knights at one point, so on Sunday we have multiple grudge matches of former teammates.
  • We should all be proud to wear Green this season (preferably green, but whatever color you have is fine since our uni’s aren’t in yet).
  • Pending weather, the Cherokee, and Black Sox open up today – it’ll be interesting to see how they fare.
  • If I had a choice to have Fago up with the bases loaded, down by 2 runs in the bottom of the seventh every game, I’d take it.
  • Ken Cool and several other Ducks will make their 2012 debut on Sunday
  • No idea how or why this blog post degenerated into this.

Our team is full of players who know how to win.We’re coming together, but we need to go on a run (one game at a time, obviously).

Let’s get two on Sunday and get some momentum going before we get into league play next weekend.

The Michigan Militia and other extremist groups operate under principles formed by the misinterpretation of pieces of our Constitution that have been taken out of context.  They think they know what’s best for our country.

But Captain America knows better, and he’s on our side.

Bad News for the Militia

Chris Wojton Sighting and REBELS Watch 2012!!! #2

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball, who names their team the Rebels?

Apparently, former duck standout chris wojton is on the devils in the A Division, and they also have an odd looking website for their team, which is available on the league page, and is not hyperlinked.

that team should have been forced to move up after winning the title last season, or, better yet, done so willingly…

Whatever, I  just want to make use of this photoshop  (hopefully it winds up on their team site)


The Shaler Rebels crushed the Senators 8-1 on Wed.

here are the Rebels Stats from the victory.

They have there shit together up there, roster on the league site and stats entered. Someone’s running a tight ship.

South Oakland will take on the Militia in a Sunday doubleheader at Woodland Hills High School starting at 10:00 AM

I expect a battle.

Before the last Ducks/Bulldogs game, fortunately with the advantage of the high ground above SpringView Field, I watched the Militia practice, and they appear to be in midseason form.

Here is an obligatory Militia youtube clip.

The Militia hope to compensate for the loss of Jeremy Barchie with a catcher who looks like he can throw, and not get tossed from games or make his teammates fear for their own lives and the lives of those around them.

They’ll be tough, but losing a talent like Barchie took the Ducks almost 3 season to overcome, and I expect the Militia to have some chemistry issues as a result.

Barchie still holds the Ducks single-game strikeout record with 17.

 Can’t wait to play two on the turf Sunday.


Ducks Notes

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks, send money to Fago.


As much as I hate proving Honest Abe right, I’ve reconsidered quitting. This is not Favre-rian.

It really looked for a while like we weren’t going to be able to get the team together, and if that had been the case, I wouldn’t have played for another team.

I’ve been dissuaded, and the Ducks will field a team in 2012.

We’ve lost 9 starters.

Aside from myself, the following Ducks are returning this season:

James Fago, Manager, P,C, OF

Ken Cool, inf.

Rick Whalen, util.

Winning pitcher of the 2010  championship clinching game, Mark Guthrie P, OF 3b

2009 captain, Kirk Gibson, inf.

2006 standout Ben Hartranft, C, 1b

2009 10-hitter Garrett Moore, EH

So we’ve got 8 rostered and will probably draft players for the first time in team history.